About us

StepNote is a Danish Online Music Store and Music / Music Publishing

"We are passionate about delivering music and music teaching materials from around the world and to note publish Danish popular music and tutuionboons.

We have more than 250.000 titles in sheet music and music teaching materials and to all genres , instruments , levels and types of media, and a broad variaty of musicinstruments and accesories. 

StepNote has been around since 2006 and was founded by David Nejrup and Bo Lauenborg, both music enthusiasts who have played music for many years.

We have offices in Copenhagen and a remote warehouse which handles all pick and pack work for us, our supplies runs quickly and accurately and with little margin for error as possible.

Since we started in 2006 we have build up a large clientele and a broad network of publishers and vendors are constantly giving us knowledge and access to the latest and greatest in music materials and teaching materials.