Terms and Conditions

Subject to errors in prices , inventory status , delivery times, products , price changes and other information about products and conditions of Stepnote.com

"Customer , customers , clients, customers , and you are buying " used in the following on the natural person who buys goods from Portal StepNote 's Online Bookshop .
" Stepnote.com " is used in the following on both the physical or legal person who accepts the order confirmation and order buyer Stepnote.com the goods ordered , and the website from which goods are presented and ordered .

Product Information:
On Stepnote.com disclosed the essential characteristics for further information or questions about existing information please send an email to Stepnote.com via kundeservice@stepnote.dk

All prices are current and valid only on the day of ordering . Therefore there may be price changes.

Prices of Selling Goods and Sales satisfied applies only while supplies last.

Payment Options
You can pay with Visa and Mastercard. When you pay by card we do not withdraw the current amount on the card when the order is shipped .

NOTE : When using creditcards its the customer's responsibility to have coverage on the card for us to withdraw our claim. If there is no coverage it is considered to be non-payment, and we will follow the rules for dunning and collection and not ship your order.


Shipping and Delivery to EU countries 

(If you live in either Greenland, Island or Faror Islands, please shop from our Danish webshop)

See delivery times on the individual product pages.
If an item is on our own stock, we ship your order within 24 hours on weekdays .

We ship stock items the same day if you order before pm. 12

We use the Nordic shipping company; POSTNORD to ship all over EU.
If the item is not in our own stock , it may have different deliverytimes, which is displayed under each product - these times are estimated times.

If you order items that have different stockstatus, we will ship your order when all items for the order is in stock.

(You will always receive an e -mail by sending your order incl. Freight provider information which has been used as well as any Track and Trace that applays to your choise of shipping.)

Freight and shipping cost
We run several different shipping rates and shipping methods in order to meet everyone's needs, common to them all is that you pay by weight.

When you put items in the basket, you will continually be presented with an estimate of the shippingprice, and when you check out, you will be presented with various delivery options such as large letter wich track, pacakage with track and trace etc.


Deliverytimes varies quite a lot depending on which countries you deliver from. For instance is delivery for Germany quite fast and also quite cheap, for Norway it takes longer and is much more expensive. 

Stepnote.com offes a 14 day return on all physical materials from dispatch date for EU customers.

You cannot return the item if you have broken the seal and /or packaging of the product, unless the product is defective and should be in the same condition as when received and accompanied by a copy of the order confirmation or invoice .

How do I return?
Always contact StepNote customer service BEFORE returning and using the right of withdrawal. If we accept your return request according to our terms, we will by email inform you of the return address.

If you return your items without contacting Stepnote Customer Service, we will not refund your order. 

You are responsible for the product until it is received in our warehouse . ( You will be liable for costs related to return , such as packaging , shipping cost , etc.)

If the returned meets the requirements you within 14 business days receive a credit on the current amount minus shipping expenses you had in connection with the purchase.

You can cancel a purchase by:

a) To refuse to accept the goods.
b) To assign the item to the post office. 
c) To contact Stepnote Customer regarding . use of Returns.

Presentation of goods with a price of Stepnote.com is not a binding purchase, but simply a presentation of the goods. Buyer's order for goods from Stepnote.com is binding as soon as the order is booked and paid for via our webshop.

The risk of accidental destruction or deterioration:
Only at the time when the ordered goods have come into possession of the Buyer, the risk that the ordered goods are destroyed or damaged due to accidental circumstances is to the Purchaser.

Customer Responsibilities concerning receiving the order
It is always the responsibility of the customer to accept the package or letter if necessary, and to the acquisition to enter the correct delivery information on Stepnote.com. If the customer has given wrong information that leads to an error and the customer does not receive order by post or fail to collect it at the post office after notification from the post office, the customer will always be liable for the actual cost of re- shipping the order and the service fee of 25 EURO, this applies even if there has been a free - shipping purchase.

The order will not be shipped until Stepnote.com has received payment for the actual additional shipping cost and 25 euro in additional processing fee. The customer is liable for his/hers order whether it wishes the goods resent, but can exercise his right of withdrawal within 14 days from the date of mailing - then the customer is liable for the purchase.

In cases where the customer has not received a notificaion from the shipping company (POSTNORD), where there is a package associated with that customer has not been present at the delivery of the package, it is the customer's responsibility to address this to POSTNORD, and the claim payment of any additional cost to the customer. Stepnote.com can never in such an event be liable for the payment of additional costs when POSTNORD is responsible for the delivery.

Expedition fee to send the order again: 25 EURO.
Shipping fee to redispatch represents the nominal shipping cost which will also be invoiced to the customer prior to the resending of the order.

Customers have 2 years warranty . If you receive a wrong item in relation to your order or damaged goods , you must claim within a reasonable time after you have discovered the defect. The complaint must be notified by . email kundeservice@stepnote.dk or telephone +45 27641544

When returning an item , we will tell you the current address which can vary depending on where the goods was sent from. We pay your cost of shipping if we have supplied an incorrect or damaged product. We reserve the right to close a finding / replacing a damaged product , rather than refunding.

Disclaimer and Warranty :
Stepnote.com has made it easy for you to get relevant information on other websites through links . These websites are outside the Stepnote.com 's control. Therefore, we can not be held responsible for the content of these pages.

Details of the goods ordered from these sites are not included in the description of the goods in the agreement between Buyer and Stepnote.com . Stepnote.com is not liable for direct or indirect losses due to the ordered goods are too late to the buyer, or the ordered goods are defective when delays or defects are due to Buyer's acts or omissions or circumstances beyond Stepnote.com's control, such as war, riots, civil commotion, fire, state interference, seizure, currency restrictions, labor disputes of any kind including strike and lockout, or the like. Stepnote.com gives no independent guarantee of the goods ordered and the buyer obtains only the guarantees granted by the manufacturer to buyer.

Subject to change:
Stepnote.com reserves the right to change and update the rules and conditions applicable to this site. It is therefore important that you keep yourself informed of any changes .

Processing of personal data
You can read about how we use the personal information you leave behind you when you visit our website .

An electronic trail
When you visit our website , you leave an electronic trail . The electronic trail is created when the browser sends information to a server , for example, that you'd like to see next belonging to the address www.Stepnote.com.

Your electronic trail gives us information about :
which pages you have visited and when
what browser you're using, for example, Internet Explorer
what screen resolution you have, for example, that your monitor is set to 1024 x 768 pixels
which operating system you have, for example, Windows 10 etc.
which web page you came from before you chose www.stepnote.com
the IP address of you - the IP address (Internet Protocol address ) is a number that identifies the sent and received data transmitted over the Internet.

What we use your information ?
We only use this information to execute the operation and for statistical purposes , so we can improve our site.

If you are using our website contact us or send us an email , we get your name , possibly including your address , your phone number, your birthday. etc. But it all depends on what information you give us your inquiry. We only use this information to process your request . We store all information will not be longer than necessary .

Subject to change:
Stepnote.com reserves the right to change and update the rules and conditions applicable to this website. It is therefore important that you keep yourself informed of any changes .